(5-20piece) Nouveau P2104-GMR CP2104 CP2104-F03-GM QFN Chipset
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  • Température De Fonctionnement: norme internationale
  • La Tension D'Alimentation: norme internationale
  • condition: Nouveau
  • Numéro De Modèle: CP2104-F03-GM
  • Type: Lecteur IC
  • Le Nom De La Marque: SUHMS
  • La Dissipation De Puissance: norme internationale
  • Package: qfn
  • Application: Ordinateur

Mots-clés: CP2104, adc, ccs811, conducteur ic de led, altera, ch341a, ch341, nodemcu relais, k4g80325fb hc28, adc module.

A clear fake, although expected for this price, Windows 10 does not recognize correctly, but after the forced installation of the cp21xx drivers works normally, there were no failures. In general, satisfied, works and 3 times cheaper than the original.
Pls Label bag for 5 stars.
Mikko Tahkapaa
Packed in three pieces of five bought. Two, earned without problems, the legs were buried and working (doing usb-485). The fronts are at a speed of 115200, excellent. And one was not identified by the system, comp sees something connected but that it does not understand (firewood are worth it). Overheated, badly planted, or a divorce error, I doubt. I work carefully and recheck myself. The chips look like one in one with the original cp2104. You can take it but carefully, take it with a margin. So far, it's hard to say what it was. Factory marriage? But they are usually checked before packing... I was also worried that this one cp2104 was opened and sealed with tape, I wrote off on the fact that it was inneatly cut from the tape. After I suffered a fiasco with her, I suspect that Scotch was there for a reason...
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